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The TRUTH will set you free after it pisses you off because the truth is very sad and ugly. When it is disclosed (soon) some people will need psychological help to cope. It's that grotesque. The purpose of this page is to help you do your own research and prepare you for what is coming so you don't lose your mind.


The War The Enemy The Plan (pt 1)

The War The Enemy The Plan (pt 1)

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Below are random accusations linked to receipts exposing the evil that only scratches the surface. The links below are updated as more darkness comes to light.


35,000+ Children rescued from underground blast facility


The Cabal is pure evil.


Understanding why Luciferians sacrifice children


Mega Churches Fall for human trafficking.


50 million people will die from the vaccine in the next 24 months.

Pedo Joe is a criminal elected president of a bankrupt corporation. He will be removed soon.

Joe Biden is a pedophile


911 was an inside job.


Pope's red shoes are made from children's skin. 


Covid is a biological weapon created by a Chinese research institute and funded by Fauci

NESARA GESARA will change our lives.

More NESARA GESARA. It's sooooo coooool!!!!!

Vaccines are biological weapons designed to kill us. CLICK HERE for lastest intel.

Elites are addicted to "adrenochrome" made from the blood of tortured children.

McDonalds is putting human meat in their burgers.


800,000 children go missing in the U.S. each year.


UFOs are real and the government has hidden them for 50 years. 


Obama trafficked children from the White House.

Michelle Obama is a man.


Tang never went to the moon.


Earth Is Flat.


Declassified government documents prove flat earth


Check out my research playlist. Lots of truth to absorbe.



The Hillary Clinton snuff film found on Anthony Weiner's laptop made 12 hardened law enforcement officers throw up and seek mental help. Nine of them are now dead.

Bill and Hillary Clinton murdered 150 or more people to shut them up and hide their crimes, and she eats babies.

Barrak Obama smoked crack cocaine and sucked off Larry Sinclair in the back of a limo.

Large companies are planning to replace thousands of employees who took the vaccine in three years.

Fauci is a Nazi fraud who paid  for the development of the Covid 19 bioweapon, then lied in the faces of humanity. He's in deep doo now.

Thousands of Children and dead bodies were found under the White House and 75% of capitals of countries on earth.


The deepstate reverse-engineered captured alien spacecraft and plan to use them in a fake alien invasion.

500,000 sealed indictments are waiting to be opened on the deepstate.

Oprah is guilty of child trafficking. That's right OPRAH had tunnels under her house.

Obama killed the wrong Osama, then killed seal team 6 to cover it up.


We are not alone. Exterrestials exist and are not hostile.


Flat Earth
voter fraud
sex trafficking
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