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Earlier civilizations possessed true knowledge and never questioned the flat Earth. On this page are illustrations of how ancient cultures viewed our world. Centuries passed with flat Earth as common knowledge until some wise-ass science pukes came along and made up some bullshit to deceive humanity and hide God.  Fortunately, the masses are waking to this deception. Once you take the time to de-bunk Flat Earth and understand the scumbags who invented the globe ... ... you'll be convinced, that our world is flat and stable.

Message Mon - LIVE

Message Mon - LIVE

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I've spent many years researching this fascinating subject. The length these baby-rapin' demons went through to hide it from us is baffling. To understand the truth you must let go of everything you've been taught by the matrix and this is one of those times.

Below is a link to evidence the "Theory Of Relativity" has been proven to be a deception.

"Theory Of Relativity" DISPROVED

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