My first esoteric  (click for meaning) experience was in 1987 when I let the wind blow throw the pages of my Bible on a hilltop in Dana Point Ca., trying to get rid of a bad cocaine habit. On the apex was a cement marker with a brass pyramid shaped center pointing to a pyramid shaped mountain called "Saddleback".

I was called to 11 times on 10 full moons. After the first trip up the mountain on June 1st 1996, I dusted the car and saved the mountain dust every trip after that. I created a special place to store the dust that evolved into THE SHRINE. 


This is what the Shrine looked like on June 2nd, one day after my first trip up the mountain. The PDF file is of my records of the first days.


The Shrine Today

Energy generator / Structured water

After 25 years of esoteric rituals I'm sharing my magical experience.


In 1998 during a powerful storm, I went to the base of the mountain and collected two gallons of rainwater that had run down a mountain stream. Some of this 20-year-old water still exist in The Shrines basement. and "Water Sphere"

I never in my wildest dreams thought 20 years later I'd be sharing something like this to the people with confidence. I'm sharing this esoteric experience with hopes of triggering magical changes in human consciousness.


Message MON's


Multi structured bottled alkaline water.