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Jimi James & Jara Funk Jammin' At The Edge of Flat Earth

People often ask why we don't fall off the edge? Here's visual proof of a wall preventing that. Captain Cook clocked 60 thousand miles attempting to circumnavigate it. There are only three locations on you can visit Antarctica. The rest is top secret, try to visit you'll get shot. What are they hiding and why is the question? As far as the music and this video go, Jara had nothing to do with the content, I just upgraded and borrowed his song for this video, but I don't know, after kickin' cancers ass he may agree with me :)

If you're new at this it may be hard to watch at first

It couldn't hurt to look into Flat Earth. What if it's true?

It's like a Jim Carry movie in real life. How do you think they write these scripts?

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