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If you’re not involved in the war between good and evil, It's time to pick a side.

Every human on Earth should join the Earth Alliance in taking down the satanic cabal that has ruled Earth for thousands of years. The perverts who have been controlling us for eons and making life hard are making an exit forced by the people waking up to their evil scheme to kill and enslave humanity. We’re living in a once in a lifetime time situation, a time when we have the opportunity to change our world and free ourselves from demonic control. It’s very exciting when you get involved because you understand how close we are to the end of this war. All we have to do to defeat these evil bastards is WAKE UP and wake our friends and family! Some will resist but it's my purpose to entertain, enlighten and attempt to wake up as many as possible. Even though it seems all is lost, our future has already been prepared for us after the blood-drinking baby-eaters are already defeated. The Galactic Federation is real and a major part of thee Earth Alliance.

Thanks for reading. For more 5D information click around my website. MM

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