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Collaboration writing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering of SONGS in person or online. I create beats, basslines, keyboard, horns, strings, percussion, and more using Ableton Live and other software. I'm a good dude to have on a song project of most generes.


Got something you want to say or share with humanity? I can produce a video/audio podcast with custom music, graphics and video for anyone anywhere in the world. 


You can hire me by the hour/day/week. I'll come to you if you like but I can produce all of this from  "The Cave" and all we need is an internet connection.


Capture, editing, and concept of videos for music, business, and other projects. I have an artistic eye behind a camera and in the edting bay.


Creation and manipulation of graffics from marketing/promotion to CD covers, or any situation is right up my alley.

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