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THE MEMORY OF WATER is one of the most exciting discoveries in my lifetime. All humans should discover its esoteric properties and effects on our bodies which are 80% water by the way.

This video explains mind-blowing information on waters memory and how human emotion, magnetic fields, and music change the structure of water. Even more amazing is the effect on the human body when small amounts of structured water are consumed.


Because of the nature of this water, buying and selling would take away its magic. It's only acquirable and works through acts of love and faith. To learn how you can experience the love and magic of Miracle Water ... CLICK BELOW AND

LOVE WATER is bottled water restructured in what may be the most unique spiritual energy generator on Earth constructed during a 25-year ritual beginning on a pyramid-shaped mountain top. THE SHRINE is an energy generator using pyramid power, crystal energy, powerful magnets, crop circles, light generators, and a twenty-five-year aqua mountain memory. Just about every method of enhancing water's esoteric properties is done to Miracle Water.


This bottle contains 25-year-old rainwater that flowed down the pyramid-shaped mountain during a violent storm. It is stored and crystalized in the "water sphere' transmitting the 25-year memory of the pyramid mountain to the bottled water through the magnetic field.

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Unopened alkaline bottles of water are stored in the basement of THE SHRINE, labeled with the word LOVE, serenaded with positive music from my studio for a minimum of 3 months. 


For the past 3 years, I've drank only this water and have healed myself many times. Believe ... drink ... and expect a miracle.

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