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Despite not becoming a mega Hollywood star ... and I could have, I've had the privilege of crossing paths with iconic personalities and have wild stories about them. Each accurate tale shared on this page holds the potential to become a full-length movie, but for now, let's refer to them as episodes – distinct situations intertwined by themes of music, family, friends, and entertainment. These experiences were not merely witnessed but lived, and as people are drawn to authentic tales, my life serves as an open book of many with original soundtracks. If any individuals are interested in creating independent films based on one or all of these stories I am equally enthusiastic about bringing them to the silver screen, television, or computer screen because I’ve got to share my life.



The OJ Simpson story is the most bizarre so I'll tell it first. To sum it up, or ironically put it all in a NUTSHELL.. OJ's NUTZ changed my life. It's a true story about magic after tragedy.  The chain of events that took place after OJ exposed his nutz to my sister evolved into a script Denise Brown and I wrote together titled "Heart & Soul Food"

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Prepare yourself for a genuine tale centered around lifelong friends who raised hell together for over four decades. When Rockwell, in a surprising turn of events, defaults on an IMAGE LOAN to a longtime friend and shamelessly flaunts his affluence on social media, Jimi James is inspired to craft a comedic script that exposes his friend as a fraud. This story is an intriguing and hilarious recollection of a friendship gone bad because of an Image Loan.

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The Harris siblings AKA The O.C. Jacksons took the stage for the first time 50 years ago and still have some unfinished business to handle in this golden anniversary year.

Meeting the greatest champ to ever live because of a freak encounter on Sunset Blvd has got to be one of the coolest stories I tell. Not only did I get a chance to visit his home, he came to Orange County to see my family band.
Because Morris Day stole a girl I caught while on tour with him ... I wore a thong for 7 years until I went to jail wearing the leopard print. Thanks Morris.
The first time I saw Charlie Murphy tell the halarious story about Rick James, Rick showed it to me in his hotel room. This sory won't become a movie but it sure makes a good episode.

Look at the cocaine in Georges nose. Finally  after he let me close his show 25 years later, I showed him this picture. What were we doing when it was taken?
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