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This is a musical collaboration in the name of FREEDOM. My vision is to produce the highest level track/video for release to inspire humanity to fight for FREEDOM and change the world.


I'm inviting creative and supportive minds to participate in creating a powerful anthem we can sing and dance to all the way to victory over these baby-rapin', baby-eatin', election stealin', human traffickin', wealth stealin', lyin', vaccine mandatin', blood and piss drinkin',  shit eatin', satanic ritual abusin', scumbag perverted shapshiftin' pedophile lizard fucks who wish to enslave and kill us. Musical and lyrical ideas welcomed. I've got this far alone and excited to collaborate with others in this WAKEUP  CALL!


I'm thinkin' a collective consiousness collaborating on this urgent issue we're facing would produce a blockbuster hit  inspiring even the sleepiest sheeple to wake up to the 5D reality available to us. Life as we knew it is gone forever and a very bright future is ahead for those who are awake. If you're artistic join the fight 4 TRUTH JUSTICE and FREEDOM and contact me by the options below ... and lets get into the studio!

Change the world!

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