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My parents married on 11-11-56. Nine months later I was the 1st born, on the 1st of August in 1957 at 9:57 am.  If you understand numerology, that's four elevens. I woke up to my magical side after spiritual experiences on a hill and mountain top in the ’80s - 90s.

My family moved from South Central LA to South Central OC in 1969 and experienced major culture shock. I got into the Hollywood scene right out of high school touring the country playing arenas, television shows, and Vegas Showrooms. I learned about cocaine and developed a habit that lasted over two decades. My quantum journey began after letting the wind blow through my bible on a hilltop after my second drug bust in 1988 .


The spiritual encounter on the hill was so powerful that I was called to the top of a local 6000-foot mountaintop for more. It took me 10 years to finally made it to the top of Saddleback mountain in May 1996 on a full moon. The experience was so powerful I repeated the trip back up the mountain ten more times on full moons.  This was when I was officially RED PILLED my quantum journey became obvious with purpose. The rituals began and I became a warrior in the war between good and evil.
My purpose is to share my experience with love using music, media, and technology, to enlighten others. I have information, stories, and cool songs that inspire us to understand and participate in the accession of human consciousness, together.

Higher learning leads to a higher level of existence and LOVE is the magic word! When we all come together and GET IT, the bigger picture becomes a reality. 


I feel privileged to participate in the great awakening taking place on Earth today. If you're allowing me to introduce myself, it's not by chance you're on this site, there's a reason you're here.  LOVE, inspire people to study LIFE, and entertain them in the process.

I was the rebel of my family, always in trouble with the law, doing dope, and chasing women, You know the basic musician living the sex, drugs, and rock and roll life. No one else in my family did those kinda things so I was ignored and not really taken seriously. Not only that I had a wild sense of purpose that no one vibes with. Regardless I stayed my path and grew into the spiritual warrior I am today. I am using my talents and skills to entertain and enlighten humanity.

I play piano, sing, write and produce music/video mostly about life and the human situation and have founded two humanitarian organizations. One is an angel network and the other a peace/love movement

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