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My esoteric journey began with my parents marrying on 11-11-56. Nine months later I was the 1st born, on the 1st of the month in 1957 at 9:57 am. I didn’t realize my magical purpose until after spiritual experiences on hills and mountain tops in the ’80s - 90s. I feel privileged to participate in the great awakening taking place on Earth today. I have many stories, and songs to share for the sole purpose of bringing us together to understand and participate in the accession of human consciousness.

We all can find purpose and mine is to share my earth experience, using music, story, and technology to enlighten others. Higher learning leads to a higher level of existence and LOVE is the magic word! When we all come together and GET IT, the bigger picture becomes a reality.

If you're allowing me to introduce myself, it's not by chance. You're on this site because there's something here you haven't seen, heard, or experienced, calling you. I may be a person you should know and I'm happy to do so.

My purpose is to spread LOVE, inspire people to study LIFE, and entertain them in the process.

Humanitarian & Biz 

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