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Roe v Wade? Do you know what they do with aborted baby parts?

If potential mothers knew what demonic assholes do to their flesh and blood they would find another solution for an unwanted child. These poor excuses of human beings put a high value on aborted baby parts and some are demented enough to take a freshly aborted baby to the lunchroom and eat it. Aborted baby parts show up in our food supply, cosmetics, vaccines, and more.

Is abortion murder or family planning? Or is it a legal avenue for satanic criminals to get their hands on baby parts for profit? Maybe family planning should concentrate on pre-conception because after conception we are dealing with young human life.

Do you support overturning Roe v Wade? I'm all for putting a stop to this barbaric activity, especially late-term abortions. As humanity evolves into a civilized and peaceful existence this type of disrespect for life has to cease. My body by choice doesn't jive in this situation because there are two bodies involved. The mothers and the child.


If you have the stomach for it, here's a video of an aborted baby factory. These people are sick!

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