I couldn't say this on CBS and I couldn't keep it secret as Julie suggested.

"What OJ Simpson did to my sister and her friend was a disgusting act that should have been reported as a crime right away. What big brother in his right mind would keep something so "jUICY" a secret and cover-up yet another crime committed by an acquitted murderer? Before Julie told me the details of the meeting, I'd promised to keep it a secret but I didn't know her story was going to be so damn "Juicy" ... and illegal. I went straight to The Brown Foundation because I knew where they were located, and they needed this information. Lou Brown was honored I contacted him against my sister's will because it was evidence in his case to prevent OJ from gaining custody of Nicole's children." Anyway fast forward 23 years to 2019. My siblings and I arrived at CBS for the taping of FACE THE TRUTH and were immediately separated into different dressing rooms. None of us knew how Hollywood was going to spin our story, but the entire show ended up being an orchestrated attack on me by my four vindictive TV divas and my siblings crafted by producers to fit the show's narrative. This is what took place on CBS when the topic of OJ Simpson came up.

To watch the entire assault. Click the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXB1_fupFxs&list=PLRdhcLbOa2zsjS6ZeI-X2DUZ_tPGe4wSa

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