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The Galactic Federation Of Light


On the right (or below) you see a diagram of perhaps the most famous Crop Circle formation of all time. This pictogram appeared on 17th July 1991 at Barbury Castle, Wiltshire, England. Its attraction hasn't diminished though many more complicated pictograms have appeared since.

This diagram is a blueprint of my "5D LOVE MACHINE" AKA THE SHRINE

I made contact with the Federation after my visits to the mountain top, studying crop formations. Soon after I bought my first Myan calendar (without knowing what it was) a crop formation appeared on my birthday explaining the meaning.

August 1st formations

2004_08_02_silbury-hill-avebury-wiltshire-wheat-oh (1).jpg
2007_08_01_sugar-hill-aldbourne-wiltshire-wheat-oh (1).jpg

August 15th Formations

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