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The information on this page is just the tip of the 5D iceberg of things to come. The video below is packed with mind blowing Galactic Federation intel.



Of Light
Of Worlds

Are here assisting humanity through the ascension process from 3D into the 5th dimension. Millions of 5D beings are about to reveal themselves to humanity and share their cool technologies with us. The Galactic Federation is 40% human and the rest are from other species.

body of light2.jpg


Gaia Ascends
Humanity Ascends
Animals and Plants Ascend


What is taking place on Earth has never occurred before and will never again. The human race is LIBERATED from the corruption and suffering of 3D to the golden age of 5D while in our 3D bodies and the entire universe is watching.

med bed 6.jpg


Med Beds/Organ Re-generators
5D Printers
Age reversal
Free energy.

The 5D technologies coming to humanity will change life as we know it. All sickness will be healed, no more death. You'll print your food, cars, and homes, and humans will finally be free to leave Earth.

ascendsion 5d.jpg


The "Greys" of Orion are not part of the Federation and have been here on Earth trying to prevent our ascension. Once their deep state cabal is removed humanity will free to meet their space family in 5D. "The Matrix" and "Star Wars" were documentaries.

What is ascension? For millennia, many religions and spiritual teachers have been telling us that in 2012 and soon after, humanity will experience a special spiritual event called ascension. Is this event true or is it just a fantasy dreamed up by crazy people? My understanding of ascension is that it isn’t a fantasy, but a natural cycle of the Universe and we are in the middle of ascending to higher levels of consciousness.

When we hear groups of people talk about ascension, each group seems to have its own version of ascension. Certain religions teach that only the chosen people can ascend or that only the Creator can make someone ascend. In addition, some people believe The Galactic Federation (ETs) are here assisting us through the ascension process, while others believe that Jesus is going to save us and bring us back to the kingdom of God. With so many different versions of ascension, how do you know which one is correct?

From many years of study esoteric knowledge and the ascension process, my advice would be to stay clear from the religious version of ascension, because religion, especially modern religion, was created and is controlled by secret societies. Another of my advice is to not only rely on external information but to also search inside you for the truth.

The truth is no longer secret and the ascension of humanity's collective consciousness is in full swing.  As humanity wakes to the ugly truth of 3D, CLUB 5D participants share the magnificence of this joyous experience, a once-in-the-universe occasion. Earth and human consciousness will be cleansed of evil, and we celebrate and share this new reality with everyone we contact.


Understanding the Federation will reveal their starships and begin the process of healing humanity very soon, CLUB 5D congregate and dial in to the LOVE frequency. 

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