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The Harris family moved from South Central LA to South Central OC in June of 1969. Their musical talent softened the "Culture Shock" and took them to local fame by the early 80s. There were times they came close to international recognition but have yet to fulfill their parents' dream. Will the J siblings, J nieces, and J nephews become the first family dynasty to emerge in music in the new age? ... That's the plan!

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The history of the musical Harrises is a fantastic tale of culture shock, music, magic, and tragedy entwined with bizarre Hollywood stories. Jimi James the patriarch and close relatives and friends are compiling pictures and videos to create a documentary sharing their amazing stories, original music, and life adventure.

Video Footage

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  • The Love Jam

  • The Harris's on TV

  • The Harris's at The Playboy Mansion

  • J. Harris in concert

  • Dyck James & The Bone City Band

  • LATEST Production and behind-the-scenes footage.

    Everything we film going into production will be available here ... Unedited.


The Love Jam

This was the first time we got together and jammed with love. The event was kept private with no posts on social media. Only the siblings attended. The five Js enjoyed an afternoon of LOVE and music. The entire event was filmed by Miho (Message Mons Wife) who captured some great footage no one has seen, not even the family..
Check it out.

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